TextTide.com is a small business located at Lake of the Ozarks in Sunrise Beach, Missouri. We personally own and operate our own business. Our main goal is to give fellow businesses an opportunity to communicate with their customers extremely quickly at an affordable price. Have you ever been sitting at your business wondering "Where on earth is everyone today? We know your around, but NOT HERE!" This is your chance to engage your OPT-IN audience and get them into your establishment TODAY! When you communicate with your friends, family, neighbors, teammates, employees think about how you normally do this. It’s a TEXT MESSAGE. Short, Sweet and to the POINT. That’s how this works. Say you’re the Owner of a Night Club. It's Tuesday night and you have 3 people sitting at the bar staring at the wall. Send your OPT-IN Customers a Text Blast offering a half price appetizer, or any other QUICK SPECIAL you can think of to get them in your door NOW! You may be pleasantly surprised at how fast they come running. They may even bring a friend or three. This is the Fastest, Easiest, most Affordable way to communicate with your customer base with IMMEDIATE RESULTS. It's hard to track results from newspaper ads unless you're offering a coupon. It's HARD to track radio ads, Bill Boards, Email Blasts and Direct Mail. Send a Text Blast out and you’ll know the results within hours. Change your Key Words, see what works for your business. Give us a try with ZERO OBLIGATION for future top offs. If you are still on the fence, contact us today for an appointment and we can discuss your future opportunities.